Chat Lady must-see tension arbitrariness! Tips for conversation with a customer bounces

chat I will try to challenge the Lady people not good at speaking in public even in people, some people become nervous. It is not possible to speak to see the eyes of the first meeting of the party (especially the opposite sex), or worse stuttered voice or gone catapult head down. If you aware of it and or face has become red in galvanized iron, I think is not than some people a failed experience with shy.


because of the opponent and the conversation is not made to work, the first few times also to be helped with it, not acceptable to our defect so that we get used to going doing a number of times. Nonetheless, it seems there is also a situation that quite a lot of people that can not be overcome. As long as
little by little essential


opponent is going to put myself there is no a compelling love story, basically defect so that we spread the topic from the direction of chat Lady will not be able to entertain a male partner . Also, it is like become too stuttered in production, you may become aroused discomfort.


still in the NG to an appearance is out there is no self-confidence, going to play gradually by, for example, to chat only the characters is ideal. Because basically is the job that credit is important, I think that it would be the best way that will break little by little without too much force. Some of the people who have a chat Lady, "only during the work shy heal" because you have also burly woman named, let's continue to work patiently to not give up. One of Tech


▼ also not overcome! ?


, however, is one of the hands grab the man of the heart for the advantage of the fact the it. Some people like to innocent atmosphere Toka feeble feeling of women in the male. Man unique Sewazuki instinct (?) And the will of those that say even is tickled. When the results in the answering was too firm, it impossible also would be rather think that "It's boring woman."


can not in acting, skills in the lack of experience Dongfeng no gesture or exchanged, there will also be referred to rather Flirting men. Do this child'm not good at speaking, would not do himself like a guy is not nominated. Is one of the narrative also cause it seems that way. It kind of men you have actively story from his own, later if in response only to be heard devoted to Kikiyaku, you can be satisfied to some extent the other party alone it.


So, do not be too mind that it is a very shy. To assess properly because you can to where to myself, if we committed to work so as not to forget the courage to step into before, I think it is not surely arrive as good faith to men of the other party. Men of opponent you to embrace a good impression, is why have a chat after having wanted to talk. If you notice there, you should go loose also tension with nature.