With respect to chat Lady of the work content and the income tax

Chat Lady of reward, is of course income tax is added. For this, and you may have done a first from withholding on the side of the company, you may or may not. If you are asked to withholding, so come somewhat back in a tax return at the end of the year, tax return to make sure you never miss another firmly on their own. And become big people of earnings, this alone is much amount of money you will be different.




multiple of withholding there is no company, but you will need to firm the management on their own, to such a company is small, the first place is to also tax return in any case, this will also no particular problem.


for the percentage of the taxes, not the fact that higher because these services industry, is the same income tax rate as ordinary profession. However, since the progressive tax system is of course the introduction, in the case of chat Lady you are crazy earnings, the tax rate will be higher. Am also the strong man of 100 yen and monthly income 3 million yen monthly income in but, at the level of 3 million yen, half would be better to be, it had been considered to be taken in a tax. (I do not take actually half, who had a sense of much that is, peace of mind is when you pay taxes next year) is


case important point of those who earn this way a lot, "taxes pay next year" Toi thing. In other words, the amount of tax that earnestly earned this year is of such that pay next year. For example, if you earned an annual income of 20 million, as the income tax, you need to leave next year 10 million. (It is actually more small to, and not going to leave much that, a lot of people will use by another)


when it comes up to here, rather than a story of chat Lady, asset management of the rich it is why become the story, but, in any event, if there is to worry about income tax, it's just that this so called "management of the case earnestly earn". In the same way as ordinary company of work and part-time job after, because is not is almost possible to us to withholding, you do not need to use the nerve.


also, but is a company of the name to be worried about, such as do not know to be a company of live chat, is often us to any of the procedures in serious company name. Therefore, even when submitting such a document tax return, etc., does not that embarrassing. So, for your work in the live chat, to worry about income tax