Chat ready skill in the art to get the money at the time of registration, resulting in the time being registered

In the office, there are a few firms that get money only to register. For example, you 10,000 yen After registering. These offices, so that also singing with the OK by simply the time being registered, it would be good to register.




You might think that "your job should I give've got to not do?", but it is of course okay. The office, even just me growing number of chat Lady, since the element to attract enough male customers, about registration bonus paid to the girl, you can be immediately recovered. At the time of the


registration, only photo and profile of the chat lady is up. If you then put away and try to log in, so much the photo and profile is there, by that amount, but not chat screen becomes lively. Then that's always live chat that came rookie san, since the male side of us feel that "here's a lively and fun na", new customers also to me to come, existing audience be continued It means us to use.


also not only when he or she is registered, located in may Nowak campaign a bonus even when you introduce a friend. Such a thing is, the same as the campaign of other industries, who was introduced, it is possible to get both of those who are, there are benefits for both. So, even if you approached your friends, so even if you're friends of some of the benefits story, you can offer a suggestion without refrain.


of course, "Do not try chat Lady?" suddenly because, usually might feel awkward solicitation. However, for example, a friend of hostesses experience, if a woman does not have the sense of resistance against such a topic, it is also easy to solicitation. In addition, since it is often such a profession is originally favorite woman, might rather us be active as it is blossoming talent as chat ready, there is also the fact that.


to introduce such a talented woman, because such big profits for the office, the ideal state. But it is also good to introduce a lot of people, especially if this person is There are women who'd say likely facing chat ready, to introduce well considered It would also be good to started our investigation.


In addition, be registered to multiple live chat, first it is good if it is permission from the office side, if it is not Try to refrain.