Job Description ? Jobs of FAMU

Write an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of FAMU. FAMU is a mobile live chat of married professional. Because you are singing a married woman professional, Eligibility is (usually live chat of the case 18 years of age or older, is often a place called) age than normal live chat has become a more than 20-year-old higher.


and, eligibility is is more than 20 years of age, really popular get out is that the 25 years of age or older women, is that that age is a woman of increase is positive but rather rather than negative, this live Chat is a feature of. From this point, it'll be that it is a live chat especially rewarding for the married woman.


and, because it is mobile, for example reward even just a phone call will occur. The nice thing about this is that I need not show the face to the other party. In other words, it is that it does not face Barre. Should the audience is in the neighborhood men, even in the case were such as the acquaintance of the man, it is that there is never a barrel. This is for the married woman of women, it is that it is a very big advantage.


In addition, not only say that does not face Barre, is also merit because earn even if there is no confidence in appearance. I'm not confident in appearance, in the case of the woman that there is confidence in voice and talk, it would be good to choose a live chat of such mobile.


Of course, the content your work is not the only voice calls. Chat in the TV phone is also possible. In this case, it has become a reward of 84 yen per minute. The fact that 5040 yen in terms of hourly wage, you have become quite exceptional treatment. By the way, in the case of voice calls in the dispensed 51 yen, it has become a hourly wage in terms of 3060 yen.


It is also big because it earns just to receive mail. For example, such as when you are there with the people, the fact that the chat is impossible would be many. Even when such a, such as when if the mail the other party is going to the toilet You can E-mail at any time to find a gap time. Since


reception of these e-mail earn 20 yen per copy, it's at 200 yen When, for example, also 10 round-trip. If I had such ten men, is that to become a pocket money of only one day 2000 yen mail. Since it is relatively easy to secure this much man, you might say to say that e-mail is only even month 60,000 about pocket money obtained. Since


of such an extremely rewarding a reward set, you want to earn big using a mobile phone, for students who want to freely earn is, I want to recommend by all means.