Convenient wig Special Features and chat lady should have

Wig will be cited as a tool useful to


chat Lady have. By hair wearing a nutshell, you can create a hairstyle different from the usual yourself easy. This wig, does not mean that it can not work even if there is no separate, most people because the work on this work in the secret around, it seems those who use also in the sense of insurance in order to avoid Barre are many. In addition, by creating their own different from the usual, you will also have a woman named boldly masquerade in front of the screen.


impression making and privacy of the guarantee at the same time, yet because it not carried out simply, I would say that it is a reliable tool is in addressing long. Chat between is, or play their own far from the image and usually of their own, because the will is usually there is also a need to use the words and tone so as not to say absolute scene, referred to as "no Barre absolutely if you use" it is the very important to have a sense of security.
to those who have never used
might be difficult to not so good image, but that unexpectedly image changes when using a wig. Because there is only is not necessarily change the face by changing hair, is more dramatic effect appears to be a different person than can not be expected? You might think that. Since, however When I use impression is a drastic change, changing yourself to the extent you do not know if there Yokumi is, it can be alone wig.


▼ overuse is rather image down ???


of course, simply not the only of the wig purpose hide their identity. Since chat Lady's job to get the salary to entertain men, the hairstyle you will also need to be good man appealing things. Wig itself is, from us with yourself in glamorous and sexy impression, it'll get there is plenty that the support of the men is increased by using. However, the must be careful, that too much trying to improve the impression too much to use the wig is. Things like heavy makeup of the place referred to in the makeup, it could be said that there is also the wig.


you do not notice and men, if some of the wig, you may also become good impression but rather If you're looking as noticed if at all. But, some of the men there might be to some people to capture it as unnatural, even a possibility that impair the contrary impression of the other party if too use. Because of the popularity from the men there is a property that job to say things, so that it is not have a bad impression to the other party to the other party, it would say that it is important to use a wig in moderation.


well-to-use to prevent themselves Barre words, men of impression-up also aim wig. I remember properly of not too small not too many Sajikagen, I hope Ikeru be used as a skill-up item of work.