The trend towards the major chat Lady skilled in the art to support that are substantial

Support for chat Lady, it is often more of a leading office is substantial. I think this is the same in any industry. Again monetary on the side of the company, those who could afford the staff, is a matter of course support is likely to is given to the chat ready.


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say whether the concrete there is any kind of support, the bonus at the time of, for example, has been registered. Only registered if the major is a place to get a bonus there are many. In addition, there is also the case that both even if you introduce a friend as chat Ready get a bonus.


In addition, if they place that the support was more substantial, there is also the office where there is a waiting guarantee system. This is, even in the unlikely event that the audience did not stick, thing that the minimum hourly wage is guaranteed. The minimum hourly wage as well, and 1200 yen in the case of some offices, you or was about the same amount of money and high hourly wage of bytes referred to in the ordinary bytes. Such extensive support is also provided many more major office. So, if you want to work in a place where support is substantial, you might want to choose a major office.


as other support, there is a web camera and microphone rental. We are doing most of the office, but in the case of major, more quality n high web camera, it is often that you could lend a microphone. In addition, it is often provisions relating to rental is also gradual. After a certain period of time to work, there is also as it is a place called us to present the camera or microphone.


In other support, will include the fact that choose the attendance style. In the case of major, you may have a booth for a live chat throughout the country. If you work in such a major, also lived in anywhere in Japan, it means that can serve as attendance type of chat Lady. That's a small office, does not quite able to such a thing, this will still be able to be said that the major unique charm.


above all, most of the support us to the office, is still attracting customers. Than any support, because me collect the audience is, it would be the best of support for the chat ready. Also in that respect, since the leading office is a still confidence and name recognition is excellent, men will come more and more together. Also in terms of benefit to attract customers of these major it is recommended giant.