Trouble that can occur at work the contents of the chat ready

chat ready to earn the money yourself in the "charm", "narrative". Will be quite highly paid as home work, but on the nature of went this work, trouble with customers is the reality is there is a part that around constantly with. For example, it of course is a little trouble with the audience, or is a sexual harassment imitation request of, or overheard a persistently address or name, and may not me to access the other party is also made to the time for the meeting, a variety of situations can occur.
In addition, depending on the skill in the art is a concern even to become a long time of waiting. Although it will no longer take the time to breather be flooded with too much reservation, because you will work hourly wage is generated between basically we have a chat, just than had been waiting became a waste of time it will be. If too this is prolonged, as in, you may want to like try to change the skill in the art. Because there are variations in customer quality and working environment by skilled in the art, is to try to change the the neighborhood, it might be signs it appears to improvement in other trouble.


▼ in attending, not a home if you do not want Bale to the family. Tax return nor otherwise blue Recommended


, you need to watch out also in trouble in non-work scene. A typical example Here are two.
first in one eye, there is a possibility that the barrel that earns chat ready to family and friends. In particular, in the case of housewives, usually the husband do the chat ready in secret. It is not so much to worry about to be done at home. If tells us only have a part-time job to master, it would not be a very big problem. But, and I am working at home, my husband for some reason (or family) might come back at the timing at which the unexpected. If or was a customer and chatting at that time it's not a problem.
In addition, as another problem, there is a tax problem. It is extremely highly paid chat Lady as a part-time job, but confirmed monkey Caution is also the profession required at the time of tell. First of all, and should I keep in mind that the tax to pay at that stage occurs, it is necessary to remember that there is a danger of being recognized as tax evasion if we fail to report. Once a year, and be sure to go to the tax return, do not forget to perform the blue return in order to reduce the tax if there is room. Chat ready to take "necessary expenses" in many ways, but this was not and necessary expenses are not recognized as it to the tax office, because results in the loss.


trouble-prone chat ready this way in public and private both. This is also true that a high hourly wage, but must work with careful care of this area. Basically, because the decrease in proportion to the risk of this kind Reducing income, Try to think about the working hours and attendance number while considering both balance the neighborhood.