Spread the chance Kakemochi of two or more of the chat ready suppliers

Also because to Kakemochi the office, is one of the hand to earn big. This is only if the both of office has allowed Kakemochi, but it is all right if it is even allowed. Fully in to the Kakemochi, let's spread the chance.


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Kakemochi and what is good, it is that more and more of the audience to approach possible. For example, you have a man of incredibly favorite things you were. However, you have only worked in the office of A, the men when I was using the only office that B, is why there is no possibility that two people meet. However, if you Kakemochi the A and B, this man will be able to meet with you.


In this way, is that can reach more men, is the benefits of Kakemochi the office. This also helps to make the chat ready, but be good for anything else side of the man. Even without Limit your looking for from their own, from the side of the chat ready, because is why women of my favorite me appear. Rather, anyone who wants their own not make an effort to meet the man who thought prefer is, you should consider that it is sin.


In addition, when you Kakemochi the type is different office, will spread further chance. For example, it is a normal live chat, live chat of married limited to Kakemochi, such as. Than a normal person, who married limitations, it attracts likes older men. In other words, both of the customer base is quite staggered, that amount, you can ensure a layer of wide audience of not obtained width alone by the Kakemochi.


And, not only married woman limited live chat, is also there because to live chat with Kakemochi of mobile. Mobile live chat is a little different from the usual live chat. You can earn even only voice calls, it also can earn in only receiving mail. Since


especially reception of e-mail is not in any way be bound by the other party, for example waiting time when you are shopping in the city, to such as the waiting time of the train at the station, can also be the reply of stuck and e-mail you. And, it's become money.


these Moba With the charm of yl unique, if you Kakemochi a live chat with the usual live chat mobile, can take advantage of both of the strengths in fully, it will be able to increase more sales. If it is permitted Kakemochi, but this will also be one of ideas.