Job Description ? Jobs of chatty

Write an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of the chatty. First, the company has set the industry's largest reward, it has become a possible hourly wage 5100 yen or more. And, because it uses the day payment system, it has become every day a payday.


Eligibility is a anyone okay if women over 18 years of age (However, high school students is impossible), making it possible to work at home. There is a personal computer, everyone is all right if there is a net connection environment. You also need also a web camera, but it is all right even of the type that has been built in a personal computer. However, in the case that you want to extend the larger sales, because the better professional web camera to be prepared in a different than those of a personal computer built, the camera is recommended that you provide. If the camera is not ready, because there is also a rental from the chatty, you may want to take advantage of it.


Then, there is also a thing called Friend campaign. This is a system in which both and to introduce is get the money, but now has become the amount of money set of 5000 yen. However, because such a campaign is also that amount of money is raised for a limited time, to introduce a friend when you're up, you may want to each other get a higher referral fee.


registration can be from the provisional registration. So, not become suddenly this registration, because there in the corresponding such as can be considered to look at, first and feel free to temporary registration, what kind of atmosphere that's also possible that we look at from the corresponding is. So it would be good to start your work If you feel that you can trust (although, because it is one of the live chat of the industry's largest, but's a reliable company). The contents of your job to become a


care but, Norma does not have any. For example, in the sex industry, such as cabaret is often quota has been imposed, but it is clearly sung that there is no such thing in the chatty. Therefore, beginning with confidence in a woman named Norma worry It is possible I am. If it is desired to further increase the


reward, it is recommended to use the party chat. In the case of chatty, larger the number of men, has become as reward also increases. After the conversation with the six men, for example, dispensed 40 yen, is dispensed 240 yen. So 2400 yen After the conversation 10 minutes. After the conversation 1 hour will be about 15,000 yen. So only work three hours a day, but not more than the daily wage 40,000 yen. Because it is such a live chat obtained a large earnings, and by all means I would like to recommend.