Go Go Job Description ? Jobs in live

For an overview of recruitment terms and conditions of the "Go-Go live", it will introduce. It is the first Qualifications, but it has become a anyone all right as long as 18 years of age or older women. However, since even a 18-year-old person of high school students is of course impossible, this point you must be careful only (In the past, I had a chat to high school students of the chat to work, does not seem to almost exist openly in now ).


and, as the physical environment, and that you have of course the personal computer, you are prompted that there are environment of the net connection. You also need Web camera. However, it is also possible to get rent from the "Go Go live" for the web camera. So, what is real need, I think whether I if you think that "only a personal computer and the Internet".


for the microphone, has become a, good either with or without. However, your work who had a will advantageously carry, is to have been written that, because the fact that as such, even if it is not matter as the Qualifications, it would be better to Mike was prepared.


recently, headphone and microphone as a set, even a headset microphone, it is possible to buy at about 900 yen (there is also cheaper ones), I think that it is a such a large expense. Considering that go earns pounding now as chat ready, it would be the amount, such as a drop in the bucket. If it only investment than it is possible to obtain a large money, I think that we should invest all means.


and, but is about the personal computer of the specs, because of the live chat is to deliver the video work, you will still need a decent high-speed line. Cable TV and fiber-optic degree of access is required. However, for this, if the recent most of the home because such should have joined at this level of the line, probably okay.


However, even in the recent net environment, for example a EMOBILE People who have a net with soil wireless connection of the environment, because the still heavy, is this point you must be careful. (In short, if the mobile is that almost all right)


and, but is about the remuneration to be worried about, it has what became 70 yen minute supply. This is a live chat of the industry's highest level. That dispensed 70 yen, 700 yen worked 10 minutes. It is a 1-hour working and 4200 yen. I think this is a very good treatment. No wonder there is a popular "Go Go live" is in the chat ready.


The above is a summary of job information of "Go Go live", because these are just some, please try to check all means in detail.