Chatore No Di dont always do not expose the face?

Chat Lady is not always necessary to expose the face. Chat Lady There are a lot of you are earning even without completely out of the face. If you do not want to put a face, it is good to go to adult chat than Non nude. In the case of Non nude, men because it is often used to want to taste a lover mood, it will again be asked to an appearance. This is also not an absolute, but if you want more earn, it would be better still was an appearance.




In addition, if a live chat mobile, since the work just voice calls, such case further is an appearance will be unnecessary. While you might expect an voice barrel to voice will use any anyway usually live chat, because above all telephone voice, as many people have experienced, since those hear a little different, if even acquaintance was a partner, it is not possible to conclude that the chat ready himself. So, if want thoroughly hide the identity, only voice calls, is one of the hands of that your work of mobile live chat.


However, even without particular about the voice calls, if in the normal an appearance NG in the live chat, is not unlikely that identity is barrel. Once you have that there is a possibility that the barrel, is the image of the room, which is reflected in the camera. For this, only Toka change the atmosphere of the room when you chat, or by use of the attendance type live chat, would be also good that the chat at the bottom of the booth. If


attendance type, then you have been completely such as the background and interior tailored to the live chat is available, a personal computer and net connection specifications, web camera, because the function such as a microphone is also the highest level, very do what your job It is cheap. By using such a booth, yet in the an appearance NG, if to that profile was also far from those of the true self, the first certainty, never barrel.


and, in the sense that you do not Barre, for us to cooperate with even alibi measures towards the office. For example, in the company name of the pay slips, so I do not know to be a company of chat Lady, with a serious company name, will issue the specification. Therefore, when you submit such a pay slip in such tax return at the end of the year also, "Oh, this person chat-ready do it" at the counter does not have to worry about you think that. In this way, the present invention is not limited to an appearance, in all aspects, work firmly hide their identity