Typing, but it is not good, whether it would be possible work content of the chat ready?

Typing is also not good, of chat Lady your work you can without any problems. Rather, turn of typing is about is better to think that there is little. Conversation with men of chat Lady, rather than typing, it is almost done with a microphone. Again as a man, than the conversation with the characters, but because I want to hear the voice of the chat ready.




of course, is such that wish to talk of a character than hear the voice, you might typing Some favorite men in. When these men of the opponent, but will require typing, "I typing is not good, okay?" In advance is okay if you take a check like that. Men, for us little waiting even slow typing chat ready. Rather, if Homere the speed of the men of typing, as men will get used to the good mood.


also, still, if typing is that the poor much unreasonable, in the part of the greeting to be displayed on the standby screen and profile, "because typing is not good, Mike only we ask" to the display of the contents of that if is, there is no problem so you come only such men. Because basically live chat is carried out because the (female side) things in microphone, keep writing it in greeting these contents, not a particularly negative.


but typing is not good for those who eagerly desire to master, we recommend making full use of emoticons. Because, is the case of the chat ready, even if you can not the long reply accurately, if in accordance with the contents of a man wrote we can take a reaction, such as a little exaggerated "Sugoi!", So because it is enough .


at that time, and there is a lovely face character, can enjoy the feeling of being really a woman and conversation, as men will be very fun. So, so that Uchidaseru a pretty face character immediately, a lot sure you register, you may want to full use of them. If this, typing is also not good, you can to please men by enough typing.


people that contrary to good typing, of course it is good willing. In particular, in the case of a live chat is your salary also occur only in the sending and receiving of e-mail, the typing of technology will be a big success. Lot Idaku the male members of the exchange of e-mail If by example, are summarized in the people to spare time only to reply, you can earn decent money. So, people that good at typing, let's make good take advantage of it.