Chat Lady should exit the parents of dependents, it should be utilized

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person who has entered the dependents of the parent (for example housewives) begins to chat ready, it will deviate from the dependents and income in one year is more than 380,000 yen. It does not say categorically because of personal problems because whether or not missing, things may come out is. But, when viewed objectively, also there are advantages and disadvantages to both of selection.


there as a benefit at the time of exit, it income often than anything. Such as tax returns, also said that no longer has to be the worry of the tax, the revenue to say the overall will be considerable. If more than 380,000 yen, Toka the amount is 500,000, not to stay in about that, basically it may be considered to be the annual income of 1 million yen units.


as demerits, You also occur tax collection and make it only earnings of, Sonaruto is that there is to work in secret becomes difficult. Chat ready there is a hard part to say that good job too much of respectability. Like this point is made in the neck, as long as it is difficult to pass hidden, and good control of the revenue, is to not exceed 380,000 yen would be safe. Since in the case of housewives some cases, working in secret to her husband, care must be taken.


and exceeds the inadvertently 380,000 yen without knowing this point, it received a document from the tax office without noticing is found in the husband, it might be crap.


▼ tax


On the other hand where hard is not out also popular in place there is no, as the benefits of time will not come out, or you'll be nice to not have to worry about the tax. There is no need to deviate from the dependents, and because you will not introduce deduction, you can use without hesitation the amount of money earned. In addition, because also you will not so much as the labor force, such as hobbies or child care, you will be able to use a neat time to other activities. Given that it is possible to use 380,000 yen in secret to the people, it might not be a bad income. _x The 000D_
disadvantages, will be also referred to as the income is lowered. It is a lot of money and say 380,000 yen, but it will remain still thing insufficient considering those of the year. For example, it is impossible to make a living in the forehead, Sonaruto there is the question whether remains part to function as a supplementary income.


In addition, in the case of chat Lady is a work that popular say things, speaking of how easy to enter is named in the work of this revenue (ie conversation with men through chat), I would not say the case. It is better to consider the possibility of at least a fixed customers gather and low I think that it is safe.


It will also extend the time of waiting If that happens, it says that does not taste even a sense of superiority-fulfillment of "his is liked" specific to the work of the hand. There may be a little unreasonable feel challenging as work in this revenue.