Money earned in the chat ready work is turning to savings

chat Lady from will be the high-income part-time job, and therefore also the amount of tax will increase by that amount. Increasing the specific indicators, For example, if 2,000,000 earned and the year, 100,000 yen of which is why it should not pay to the country as a tax. Continuing to splurge and merry was just because earned, might be embarrassed no longer pay taxes.


because it will become even want to use and make money, you can see also the feeling that want to do so. But, basically the amount of money earned in the chat Lady is safe to turn to savings. If not afford to turn in all savings, what percentage of the earnings will accumulate plugging away, because use when a large shopping will be ideal. More popular is the job to say things, because you do not mean that now the revenue continues forever, is not difficult to start the wits who said "every month 〇 of thousands earn without fail."


▼ secret in the earned money is difficult to use


Also, chat Lady is also the "secret business". Earn you at work, but because it can not be said respectability good work. People who are outside the mouth around that "are doing this work" is less. How do you think in spite of, around Once you splurge suddenly increased or in day-to-day life or shopping that person is suddenly high? Worst, would Bale is that you are a part-time job, you might would develop into a problem that said divorce or breach.


▼ further earn


So to polish their own, chat Lady "doing secretly, accumulate secretly" will be the base. And, even when you or a tax return when you use, you need to bear in mind the use that can not be pursued as much as possible people. In addition, it might be good to think that to earn further if there is room.


short, it is that hone their own. For example, Toka to challenge the exercise, a book in order to learn the male psychology Offer Toka see me, I use the earnings to such a thing. Narrative and looks, such as attentive, skills required to chat Lady is wide-ranging. Enhance their appeal by applying the polish to them, it is not going to further increase the income of at work.


it is a good idea improve the quality of the tool to use at work. Or buy more high cosmetics and costumes, would be good also Kaikaeru the camera or microphone to high. If that does not work there is also a possibility that the precious earnings become unexpectedly, but you can further increase the income if you use very well. Either way, because you can also be used in private life if cosmetics and costumes, do not be a loss. Because it is much trouble-earned money, further earnings, and I hope Kizukeru a good cycle of increasing their charm with earned money.