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indeed, but will not pattern that would leak and Poro' that you're a chat Lady in front of the company of colleagues and superiors, but still of that case that revenue in the chat Lady resulting in Barre to the company you exist. A typical enterprise from prohibits the sideline, it may even be fired at that time. In
, and say how to from being Barre, it's resulting in Roken by tax revenues of the system. Revenue in
chat Lady is Included in what is referred to as "miscellaneous income", but both of residents tax and income tax from this income is subtracted. The amount of resident tax at this time is to be determined by the annual income, but earnings in the company in this annual income also is not is a plus.
In other words, the only resident tax of people who have a sideline that goes back up, is why the company that has received the report from the tax office is I think "?". Because is why they've turned up only the person's tax, funny if there is no income other than the company of your salary, you not become that. Since the earnings of chat Lady You may go up to different levels is resident tax, it is not that also will consider the possibility of additional income in any boss. In


▼ change the collection method only okay


, whether the company working OL can not be the chat ready as a sideline, and there is no such a thing speaking. It is carried out neat procedure, only the minutes of the inhabitants tax earnings of sideline you it is possible to pay separately on their own. In the case of those of
OL, because the company takes care of pre-deduction of the tax, people ignorant of the procedures of this area would also be many. As a specific procedure, in the tax return stage, okay If you check "the normal collection" in the selection field of collection methods. As a result, the income component of the chat lady is no longer should not pay the residence tax on their own, the company will be difficult to Bale. That said


, it was contrary to company rules It was changed because there is no that is, to say that earn a lot of money so as not to Barre, (burden or rather) Revenues Let's keep in moderation. In addition, even if there is no problem tax on in this, you might even or worse Barre indeed if any major changes in your behavior. To work in the vicinity of the store of the company, inadvertently on its way back, than became a crap is ruined also awaited tax measures. If too work until too late, you may in some cases be in and out of the trouble in the professional. Merely to take care of our core business, but want to earn a little extra income, it may be safe to tackle such a feeling is the best.