Chat Lady interview, registration, flow until the start of your work

Chat Lady of the interview, registration, write a flow of up to the start of your job. You are the first interview, but this is Some companies sought to interview face-to-face, there is also unnecessary company (or rather, is often unnecessary company). If not needed, you will need to submit a photo identification card. And if this submission is also real is required, you might do is send the scan data of the net, but the latter case are also many.




you might think how good in such a sloppy confirmation but, for the company, and, if so, you know that age even no problem. Actually the chat ready is your job, only when the money has been paid to the live chat from the audience, because it is a system of pay whether the what percent to chat ready, extreme story, you need to such bother interview no I (whether was willing to work properly, because the financial system is not me to prove).


and will be this way interview requires a registration. In most cases, the first is has become a temporary registration, after passing through the eye, such as the information you need, has become a form of registration Once you motivated. Therefore, look at the company's correspondence by the temporary registration point in time, I recommend is that determine whether a reliable company (although, since most of the company is soundly operated, unless a compelling place is bad reputation, worry It is not without any need to make it).


thus Upon completion of registration, will you work finally becomes a start. Basically, making it possible to your work from the moment Once most of the live chat is to register. Then, when the audience is attached to one of the day, and that amount of remuneration of course occur, if the day payment corresponding possible of the live chat (which is also so mostly), it is possible to get the reward on the same day you.


In other words, to obtain the other rewards on the first day of the registered, is not physical in possible. Because it is also hourly wage 3000 yen Toka kind of level, for example if we were to work for 8 hours at the first day, it is that it is possible to obtain a suddenly 25,000 yen of the money.


In this way, faster speed from the start of your work, yet the good treatment is said to feature a live chat. The flow, often after the start of your work for a while and with an introduction marks such as "rookie", and do a certain amount or a certain period of time you work, its Mark of it seems there are many that come off.


such a flow of your work is the same roughly in any live chat, but more particularly I would like to check individual sites.