If there is a chip system even cheaper hourly rate, get used to earn chat ready

Even chat Lady has a low salary, which was hourly rate conversion, you can earn sufficient to take advantage of the chip system. Because chip system is, but how it works is slightly different each by live chat, very similar to the chip, such as restaurants and hotels. In other words, the regular remuneration separately, the audience who are interested in the chat ready to personally is, is to me a kind of bonus to pass.


this, if a plurality ensure the audience who liked their own, only with even chip from such people, will be enough good salary. Human beings have a feeling that you want to support someone, it's also often directed against chat ready. In other words, it is "this girl so that can be happy" or feeling that "this girl is to put at the top of the ranking" want to cooperation such as that.


Once such a man cheering in multiple secure, to us using the frequently chat with the audience, us in separate chips also bounced with it. If you include up to such chips will be able to earn considerably.


However, it would be better not so much asked for it from the beginning about the chip. Of course, face-to-face I mean are not people who "want chip", is often the case for the cameos and birthday. When it is said, such as in chat ready and cabaret Miss


and "I'm now birthday", most of the men is what you feel "are required to present at the tacit understanding". So, it is such as his birthday, it would be better not to say unless asked. When asked to reverse, men there is a high possibility that will if you are planning to gifts, Try to teach willing.


(By the way, birthday is also of course the personal information. So, it is not necessary to teach the true birthday in such a place, it is not necessarily. Of course, even if told in the case of students who want to tell the real birthday problem Not But, basically, there is no problem to tell a fictitious birthday. Male side also much that is not understood. Because only only say that want to celebrate the woman's birthday as a chat ready, it is by no means fool, such as Acts)


if we also take advantage of these gifts and chips, earn enough even at low salary at the time of the hourly rate conversion You can. So, even down slightly hourly wage, dare to take advantage of the two-shot chat, you may help that to ensure such a man.