Job Description ? Jobs of Masheri

Write an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of Masheri. First, you write about reward, but Masheri has become dispensed 70 yen in the case of a two-shot chat. That is, when converted to hourly rate, it will be 4200 yen. This is the only even high enough, but because this is the case of the two-shot chat, will be even higher and become party chat. In the case of


party chat, your salary larger the number of participants can be said so go as high as literally the ceiling knowing. For example, if a man of five people in the dispensed 50 yen at the same time the party chat, is dispensed 250 yen. 2500 yen in 10 minutes, will be 15000 yen per hour.


Then, when the hottest of the chat ready, because there may be the fact that 10 people simultaneously, in the case of 10 people simultaneously, will be referred to as 30,000 yen in the hourly wage. I can not believe the world, but it actually like this is, you everyday in the live chat, such as Masheri. It would much can be said that rewarding your job.


And, I for Qualifications, at 18 years of age or older woman, not a high school student, has become a anyone can if you have a personal computer or net line. Since the web camera that can also be rented from Masheri, is also without all right.


Moreover, it is either okay or may not be about the microphone. Also have chat ready that your work only in the typing. If you want to increase sales than most, because there is still better there was a microphone, it is recommended that you have only microphone can.


the net connection is, for the convenience of distributing the video, but you are asked ADSL or more of the specs, but this can be the line speed test on the site of Masheri. You can start your work if they pass on this. In fact, for most people in modern times is connected to the level of the net, about atmospheric unless a mobile Would you believe that strong.


In addition, the campaign period limited in the Masheri, there are those that favor chat ready experience. The campaign, such as that just get the benefits of 20,000 yen fall. This Women's chat ready experience, but also when they return to your work, would be quite welcome system.


In addition, since both and to introduce friends there is also a campaign called Nowak the Iwaikin, Once There are women who are interested in your work of the chat ready with friends, you might want to try to invite more and more.
In this way, since the very tasty treatment of your work, please try by all means challenge.