Flow until the chat ready tax return of the "blue return"

▼ blue and white. Which is obtained or is obvious




also in final income tax return There are two types of "blue return" and "white declaration". How can be called this way from the way and the paper color used to that of the declaration, when the chat ready to file income tax returns, better to the "blue return" of the latter has been said that the deals many points. If there is no more information to
tax mechanism per this might be hard to understand, but the main advantage of the blue return is as follows. It is possible to receive a special deduction of


? up to 650,000 yen. The allowable expense as
? necessary expenses a lot, it is possible to suppress the Bunzei. Less likely to enter the
? tax investigation (if there is a question in the document, because the tax office is no longer has to be told the reason).


There are other also in various ways, but if you are getting a decent earnings in the chat Lady, is towards the blue returns there are many benefits. However, because you must have finely carrying the necessary expenses from that amount daily, time will take. However, there is the worth of it.



next from the preparation to the declaration, it describes actually flow at the time of the blue return. Preparation of blue return is advantageous to have started from the beginning, which began working as a chat ready (of course, may not have assurance that is still continuing at this point, if the high of the possibility to continue, early it is best to start).


As a specific preparation, first of all, do not go and does not apply for the start of personal business in the tax office. The chat ready in order to correspond to the good is legally "sole proprietors". If you leave to apply for this, the end of the year you will receive documents of the tax return. Soshitara, it must be submitted to the tax office a document called "blue return approval application". This submission deadline has become a March 15 every year.


and, not going to fill in the documents of declaration But, this is very fine, you have a wide variety. Toka to fill out a declaration form B, Toka to fill in the first table and the second table, and there are a lot of such a fine rule. Since only seen just would often be questions, we recommend that you studying or bought a book or browse the site. I think whether finely also struggling many, but since there are many that amount advantage, let's do our best to not discouraged.


procedures at the tax office, the fine because the character is also to esoteric explanation is large, only would many people that head is hurt in a mill. But, then you are also worth struggling for is limited to this, should that become in the very of if it continues for many years, the first few times, but might fight with stress, at work as "necessary expenses" in order not to lose, I hope skillfully Tsukiaeru.