Job Description ? Jobs of Chatore 30

Write an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of Chatore 30. This site is a site old site era, which has been referred to as the "PYU", had become reputation as a good treatment in the industry since then.


feature of Jobs in this live chat is that there is a campaign for a limited time. For example, what if the campaign say whether there "for three days from registration, to ensure the 1200 yen hourly wage" is the campaign, such as. In the case of those who start a new chat ready, you may fear that "What if not the audience is tired."


However, if there is this hourly wage guarantee system, if the audience was not tired at all by any chance (though there is almost no such a thing) but, properly your salary will occur. Since the hourly wage 1200 yen, just sit 8 hours, it is not reliably go nearly 10,000 yen. Because it is not followed by 3 days, even just think with a little extra income, would be quite tasty.


of course, because in practice it is often the audience is get from the beginning, so also are a lot of people that "is better for the first time of chat Lady" is more will to income (in the audience of the live chat, it's also the fact that rather earn "because newcomer's).


and, but is about the normal remuneration of the non-campaign, it has become a dispensed 75 yen in the case of a two-shot chat. And, in the case where the party chat, has become a dispensed 40 yen to 52 yen. This has been the level of increase among the industry. If you want to earn big


is also advantageous party chat. In the case of this setting, even as it was, for example, cheaper of dispense 40 yen, if at the same time party chat and five men, is that dispensed 200 yen. That is, 2,000 yen in 10 minutes, will be 12000 yen in the hourly wage. If you also worked for five hours, is 60,000 yen daily wage. This would be quite tasty.


In addition, In the case of a woman named at home is difficult to your work of live chat for you have a family, commuting is also possible. When commuting chat, since the chat room is already prepared, It does not need the PC, too, It does not need even net connection environment, Can you provide all be such as a web camera and microphone. So, just because the empty-handed in just go to the chat room, you'll be that very easy to do.


In this way, such as can be safely in women who for the first time live chat, because it is the company's overwhelming, you can quite recommend. First, feel free to, you might want to try to register in and try to check the recruiting information.