Chat Lady of taxes that should be always pressed by the (income tax)

chat ready to pay tax applies to income tax. This is intended to pay a certain percentage of the tax on income (ie income), it will be the thing that is basically going to be drawn as a deduction from salary. Somehow, if part-time job experience would know. Annual income is ???


195 yen following ... tax rate in


chat Lady next to 5%, it does not cause deduction.
195 yen more than 3.3 million yen or less ... tax rate rises to 10 percent, deduction will occur.
330 yen more than 6.95 million yen or less ... tax rate rises to 20 percent, also increases the deduction.
695 yen more than 9 million yen or less ... tax rate rises to 23 percent, deduction will increase further. ... tax rate
900 10,000 yen or more becomes 33 percent, also up deduction.


will be as described above. As can be seen Come to a little attention, it will rise to uneven tax rates at each juncture. In particular, 10% and 20%, because the amount of money and say 23% and 33% will have quite changed, income when it is likely to exceed this amount, must be careful (of payment for the deduction point in time because will be deducted in, you do not need to worry so much).


For example, in the year last of revenue, if that said annual income of the year is 3.31 million yen, and the like, you'll see is that they've harmed. As long as it can control, expertly by manipulating the amount of work for periods of one year (ie income), work if the work, will place you want a clever earn way that said the suppressed if suppress. Hourly wage is higher minute, but is the ironic story of that fine adjustment per the more difficult, it is wise to keep up doing was well calculated.


▼ milestone 38


This is not that of the age, is that of revenue. For income tax, because the must be careful of the numbers above But, even if the earnings of the year to reach 380,000 yen must be careful. With more than 380,000 yen, automatically out of the dependents. It has been determined so by law.


this is not to be particularly problematic if the ordinary work, but if the chat ready, because it is often those who are working in the secret to the family (especially my husband), that point is the problem. Because that makes money in some kind of work once you deviate from the dependents will Roken, you it may be barrel danger that the chat ready in secret to her husband. Since


chat Lady's job to talk with men, some people feel uncomfortable in that you have a conversation (sexual, as the case may be) and the wife of the other isomer to have their own husband. Since the case to say that his wife after having a story to that kind of work would be not much, as long as do if, it is dangerous to be to perform in terms of the camouflage very well, such as by the other work.