Chat advantage of events in the revenue-up of the ready is the key

To up the chat Lady of income, it is good to take advantage of the event. Because the event is, in the same way as event planning, such as an ordinary department store, live chat of office, is intended to project in order to invite the audience. When


say whether specifically there is any such thing, for example, "rookie's limited, half-price campaign" it is like that. If there is such a thing, so you thought, "I should try using to try once" even men of new customers, but with new customers a lot to the company. If you can grab the men in that chance, lead to sales of chat Lady itself, of course, you can contribute to the expansion of the company. Once connected to the expansion of


company, then you better be paid, such as more your salary, because they also increases the margin of money that can be used to attract customers, further audience will increase. In other words, you mean that Zukume a good thing for both sides.


Of course, while such a campaign, does not reward falls. Because it is half price campaign, because it is not of course the fact that such salary be halved, please rest assured that point. Because they are only such as bleeding service of the office side, this neighborhood is okay if I have peace of mind.


say whether or not there is any such events in the other, for example, several people specific, or there is a thing called featuring one person. This chat Lady is undervalued campaign, is like that today. When these are concentrated audience is always more than the chat ready. Of course, since often you enter into it, when such as grasp the audience to its chance, let's always the more effort.


various events in other to live chat also are available. For example, I like cosplay events to match the season. As summer vacation planning, yukata of the chat lady appeared a lot, and so on. It is forced about this That does not mean is. So, in the case that you do not want to wear the yukata is also possible to not wear. However, since those who wear to fit in this case the event is also lead to sales up, it would be better to wear.


such cosplay, if the commuter live chat, are available in the booth. So, if to go to work, it does not take time and cost to prepare the cosplay. So, if you do want to full-scale cooperation in these events, I would dare I also choose the attendance type.