Job Description ? Jobs of pocket work

Write an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of the pocket work. Features of pocket work is that the work form of chat by going to work is substantial. When commuting to live chat can be, even you can not be shy in person that it is difficult to do at home and have, for example, family. In addition, such as the interior that are peeled in live chat, there is no need to prepare yourself. Since


a clean chat rooms have provided us with on the side of the pocket work, without doing anything to prepare, without having to also clean the room, you can enter easily your job. (Of course, you do not need to prepare for a personal computer or camera).


commuting possible area is, for example Hakata, Ohashi, has become a such as Hakozaki. Since it is a chat room is ready for commuting to all over the country to the other, even in women where to live, commute chat would be nice to think almost possible.


And, I for remuneration, in the case of a party chat, has become a 75 yen per minute. Since this is the price per person per man, for example, when a man of 10 people in the other party, will be 750 yen per minute. 7500 yen in the 10 minutes that will be 45000 yen per hour. Rather than the 4500 yen, it is \ 45000. Lie is like, but, at the top level of the chat ready, you may earn this much. In fact, also, it has been written with the 45,000 yen hourly wage translation also on the site. In the case of a two-shot chat rather than


party chat is also capable of high income. We should use the party chat if you want to earn more significant, but in the case that you want to talk carefully with great a man and mind, you may want to use a two-shot chat. In the case of here, pocket work has become a 100 yen per minute. This is also compared with other live chat of the company, is the reward set higher. The fact that one minute 100 yen is the hourly wage 6,000 yen After one hour chat.


In fact, in the case of the dedicated men such as the two-shot chat, because I think you want to talk as long as possible and its chat ready, There is also quite common that 2 hours and 3 hours. It is, for example, only worked three hours a day, I also possible that the daily wage 18000 yen that. If it suffers more such a man, you can get an income of about that on a daily basis. So, Even if you're of the type that you want relationship carefully and a small number of people, it's a possible to obtain an explosive revenue.
and, for eligibility is, anyone can be if it is not high school students 18 years of age or older women. Please by all means try to challenge.