Try to use the chat ready suppliers with a camera rental If you reduce the initial cost

When you start your work as a new chat ready, we would like to also initial cost is suppressed. In such a case, it would be nice to work in the office who rent a web camera. Web camera and some are a little cheap but when the 1000 yen, than such cheap, who still high attaches well the audience is. I think it is a matter of course. While men also clearly see the face of the woman, because you'll want to enjoy the conversation.


But when it comes to such a good web camera, some things you may also be close to 10,000 yen. These initial cost occurs would be many people in the chat lady that I think hurts. In such a case, since there are many firms who rent such a camera (rather than, most of the office so), you might want to work in such an office.


by the office, once worked a certain period of time, it may also be referred to us as it presents its web camera. Once you from the office, you ,, because it is trivial expense, such as a single web camera as long as us working a long period of time. So, you do not have, for example, need to "time to worry about broke rent" excessive worry and the like. To begin with, Nante money of web camera, if so earnest works as a chat ready, you will be can pay immediately. So, I also possible that the return at the time of your work is on track to some extent.


also, but you also need a headset microphone not only a web camera, about this, there is no and there is a rental company company. However, even in the rental there is no company, because the headset microphone buy from nowadays cheap but if 500 yen, not a big deal expense. Because if care is also 1000 yen have enough sound quality of those entering the hand, this is who I bought myself, it might be rather easier than to rent.


rest is a personal computer and the Internet, but they are also most people are using for a living I think. However, depending on the personal computer and the net of the spec, because that might not withstand the video distribution of live chat, if the spec is missing, you must have a good PC and Internet access.


this case, is also recommended that if so it is difficult to prepare on their own, serve as a commuter type of chat Lady. In this case, since all also net also the personal computer to the office of the booth are prepared, without doing anything to prepare, you can start your work in a full-fledged facilities.