Job Description ? Jobs of Mocom

Mocom is a live chat mobile. As mobile features, there is also your work enough to call in the voice, it will be like that. For this reason, also those of chat Lady that there is no confidence in appearance, voice even brighter, if the conversation is good at, you can earn plenty. In the case of


for example voice calls, it has become a 51 yen When you have a conversation with one minute man. 510 yen When you are talking 10 minutes that, if you talk for one hour, will be about 3000 yen. That is the hourly wage 3000 yen. Because only you only hourly wage 3000 yen is speaking, this will be the fact that quite delicious work.


Moreover, unlike the live chat that use the normal video, because only voice calls, you can be like one hand to the park and cafes a mobile phone. For example, if it is adult content, but it may be difficult to talk at the cafe, if the chat with men seeking the conversation, such as a lover, you can be in a normal cafe. When viewed from the neighbor, it will not only seems to call each other nice relationship couple. I of your work, such as to obtain the hourly wage 3,000 yen just to the phone in a cafe.


of course, not only voice calls, like a normal live chat, there are a lot of demand for TV phone. Here is further reward is high, has become a 135 yen in one minute. When calculated in terms of this to the hourly wage has become a 8100 yen. So, I mean become daily wage 25,000 yen level After working for three hours. Only work only three hours, it is. Will it can be said that very good work.


and, although mobile phone carriers that support, DoCoMo, au, the three major carriers such as Softbank is compatible with all. So, any woman may be, will be able that he is able to start your work as it is a mobile phone to have.


is about eligibility, but the 18-year-old women over Anyone is possible if you have a mobile. High school students are not allowed, but because in this way the conditions are equal to almost no, you can start easily your job. In addition, the difference between normal and live chat, is a large's no need for a personal computer and Internet environment. Because should anyone have for life if a mobile phone is just the only to take advantage of it. So, nothing in that do not have to prepare, you'll be that easy to start to normal more than live chat.
such as
"Recommended for busy women in child-rearing", also for child care is a live chat that will show understanding to such, I think whether it happy for the mama-san.