Preparing for start chat ready

Preparing to start a chat Lady, you do not need. Because, if you choose the attendance type live chat, because it is possible to start your work empty-handed.




because attendance type is to prepare the chat booth in the building on the side of the company, it is intended that the chat went on there. Of course, the personal computer nor Internet nor microphone web camera, all of the elements equipped. Moreover, as a company because you always want to put out a profit, the connection speed of the personal computer of the specs also net also, has become the quality of the camera or microphone is also the highest level. So, in the best environment, it is why nothing can start your work without preparation.


In this case, when saying what you need, and the ID card to show in the first interview, after is the season ticket about to commute (this transportation expenses also are often paid). So, ready for when starting a chat Lady, if you do not want to, will you believe that it is not necessary at all.


Of course, this is a case of attendance type, in the case of a home type also will be separately. PC As I wrote on the case of the home, net, web camera, you will need, such as a microphone. Does not have to be without a microphone, but because those who had easily attaches audience, it is recommended that you prepare. In addition, net environment is required to be on the order of broadband, this will be a speed test at the time of registration. That said also, because if the modern most of those net connection is the speed of this level, there is no particular problem.


In addition, the web camera, so also be possible to rent from a company even if they do not have on their own, it is also all right even without preparation. So, if you want to start a live chat at home, what to be prepared will be in it only that the personal computer and the net. Comes to live chat


mobile, further preparation will be less. Mobile phone even okay, if any. After that, the mobile phone but is also important that has become unlimited net connection, if the woman you are using a smartphone, become all-you-can connect as a matter of course Since should have, it'll be that substantial, want anything without preparing.


because ready to be asked to chat Lady, than these of the material, it is the feeling that to please the audience. Since the physical preparation is not without little, rest is just a fun work tightly with the feelings, reward will be able that will more and more.