Job Description ? Jobs of Mobajobu

Mobajobu is a live chat of your work that can be in mobile. As a mobile feature, it includes the fact that chat can be only voice calls. In this case, it has become a 40 yen After the conversation for one minute. That is, at 400 yen When you have a conversation 10 minutes, it will be 2400 yen per hour.


because only voice calls, unlike ordinary live chat, PC is not required. So, for example, a coffee shop, a family restaurant, it can also be referred to your work while drinking slowly and tea. If the men who seek a conversation such as


lover is a partner, to there is nothing unnatural also have a conversation with such a location, it'll be that very split of good your job. In addition, not only voice calls, is of course also possible to call on a TV phone. In this case, it has become a 60 yen in the conversation of one minute. That is, 600 yen for 10 minutes, will be 3600 yen hourly wage. This is also I think we can be that significant percentage of good your job.


In addition, the features of the mobile unique is further will be the money, even, for example, only to receive mail. This is 20 yen per copy, but you can earn by utilizing this even when the chat can not be. For example, while you have a meal with friends, such as when a friend went to the bathroom, do you reply to check e-mail. Once


Then also came the reply from the man, so 20 yen occurs. 5 When you back and forth, that's 100 yen. In this way, because earn even without the chat, you'll be that the benefits of Mobajobu.


is about eligibility, but anyone can be if you have a mobile phone at least 18 years old woman. Of course, mobile phones must be in the unlimited net connection, if this Gojisei of smartphone prime, most of the women from'll be using a mobile phone in such a state, virtually nothing You do not have to prepare This is the same as. Low of such a threshold also will be able that Mobajobu of charm.


and, rewards you can get paid at any time. You can get the day in the shortest if the net bank, you can get to be paid the next day at other banks. Of course, there are conditions, such as that over 5000 yen as the lowest amount of money, because it is a simple matter earn the much amount of money in the live chat, it would be nice to think virtually anytime day payment is possible. Since


woman named especially love to fiddle with mobile phones would be many, such a woman, I want to recommend.