The crime to the undeclared income obtained in the chat ready work

is money also good income earned in the chat ready, minutes of the amount of money earned is must be declared properly (in other words, you must once tax return a year). It is, of course, it is against the law if a non-declaration, there is no way even also think that the "tax evasion" as not on purpose such. If Bale be left alone
okay? Of course there is no such a thing. After a while of the period without the declaration goes on, seems to come and hear from suddenly one day the tax office. Simply pay the tax, they say never such a course Speaking only in or need. As it is natural that pay it, it will be subject to severe punishment, which he said also additional tax otherwise (no declaration for) and delinquent tax (because it was past the deadline). It'll get sometimes would be an account of foreclosure If you answer not pay. Since those violations is the law, that much is not be a calm. The skilled in the rules should have been know that the scale is different.


▼ sin barrel sorry


nothing scary just is not the only (of course, this is also must be careful enough). The declaration leakage of chat Lady There are a variety of risks in addition. The first place is is not a crime, but the risk is likely to spread to a surface other than it.
In other words, it is that it becomes an opportunity "barrel" potential is there. For some people of the housewife in a person who has a
chat ready, if Nari statements in undeclared arrives, the likelihood that the result is known to her husband and family it becomes an opportunity there is. Because it will be Roken "that you have a chat Lady," "it was a no-return" two at the same time, you will not wonder even gone bankrupt concerned by it.
In addition, it will also become poor impression from the skilled in the art. Even criticism will be bad as he had been undeclared without knowing And, also it can happen in cold blood be fired if it is judged to have been carried out with the intention. Since would also know some in the past that kind of ready as skilled in the art, should that also knows how deal for the hand of the problem. It may be what happens there is also a part of as soon as skilled in the art, it is not difficult to imagine also that "not a very good result," either way.


In this way, of course, become a crime, it must bear the various risks. Procedure might sometimes feel troublesome, but this just is must be accepted as a duty.