Chat Lady suppliers of personal information management is all right?

For the management of personal information in the office, nothing do not worry. It is natural, but involves the credit of the company Once the leak personal information. The After eliminating the credit chat lady can no longer come in, of course, also will go away customers. So, it is also of course that for the visitor Toka for chat Lady, more than anything for the benefit of its own, the office also personal information for us to firmly management.




in the first registration of the stage, will be presented the most face photo ID card. For this reason, it is not possible that start your job as a chat ready without revealing all their own identity. Maybe, it might also offices that do not ask for ID card is in, but because such office is dangerous, it would be better not to matter. When


office Why say whether this way to confirm the firm their status in the ID card, because do not hired to be at least 18 years of age. Conversely, because of that the firm was not the company that such a confirmation there is a possibility that cheating in other places, no matter how just because you want to hide yourself is the identity, the presentation of such ID card work in companies that do not look for, you had better stop.


It should be noted, devised to ensure that do not know that you are working in a live chat with, such as pay slips, so-called alibi measures for us as a firm. Therefore, even when to submit such documents to the office of the window in such as tax returns, do not know is that it is a chat ready. In this sense, as good without known around the personal information, towards the office us with consideration.


as the personal information of other chat Lady, also an appearance will be mentioned. An appearance in a sense, you may be that the maximum of personal information. However, it is possible to continue doing as chat ready without an appearance also about this. In the case of Non nude, but is it is less likely that the audience is get in an appearance NG, the audience even an appearance NG if the adult is luck enough. Adult services and conversation even because I if the firm.


So, for the matter of an appearance, for the presentation of the ID card at the time of the interview, about the alibi measures such as pay slips also, in all aspects, to say the management of personal information office is no problem Xiang. I think that if it is possible to the peace of mind to your work.