Job Description ? Jobs of Jewel

Write an overview of the Jewel of recruitment essential point.
On the jewel of the site, it has been featured in great detail about how the revenue. For example, in the case of a two-shot chat, hourly wage 4500 yen or more, if the two-way chat was positive in two-shot, it has become a hourly 7200 yen or more, and so on.


in this way, but you have written a detail or become hourly wage of how much for each work content, especially income in the case of the party chat eye-catching among them. Customers 1 person and will be hourly wage 1800 yen After the 1 hour party chat. You might think that "Thats just a little higher than Yoshinoya," but it is different. Party chat because "even in what people" can be unlike two-shot, is why it is possible to at the same time as the multiple customers.


In other words, for example, three people and will be hourly wage 5400 yen After the 1 hour party chat. Because sometimes comes to the hottest of chat Lady 10 people and that same time, in that case will be that the hourly wage 18000 yen. Believe it or not, in the first-class live chat, such as Jewel, when it comes to popular person, you have a lot more of the chat ready to earn much that.


and, for other jobs, for example eligibility only say that 18 years of age or older women. There is no other conditions. It profession is unquestioned, since the work location is also possible at home, is anywhere in the country Okay. The working time is of course free. You can work as much as you like. (When I want to work only)


necessary documents is the identification certificate with a photograph. People who do not have anything, such as the license of the moped, it is recommended that you get a ready-to-take ID card (although, such a certificate Those who usually something but I think that you have). It should be noted that, to say that possible more than 18 years of age, because it is impossible in the case of high school students, only this you must be careful.


and, I apply for a jewel, but the sites that your work will be the DMM. DMM is you know many people, is one of the largest broadband distribution company of Asia. It is not working in the live chat in it, but because it is such a major site, your job is located incessantly. So, it states that can earn without limit if you Earn.


In addition, in the case of anyone who at home is difficult to do a chat ready for have a family is, offers a booth in the company of Jewel. It is also because it is a live chat with attendance in this booth, those who are seeking such an environment, will come good to take advantage of this.