When welfare recipients is a chat ready work barrel? Become a crime?

▼ I chat Lady okay to, the unauthorized receipt is absolutely useless!


chatlady_ws61 While receiving a


so-called welfare, there are women who have obtained an income in the chat ready. Because of that chat Lady will be the work that can be "at a high hourly wage", "home at work", will there is a situation that will be very easy to do work for people who are needy in life.


However, either protect the received and are you home work in spite of the fact that is how things, there is a problem. "(Or rather, in a home work to obtain the additional income) has a chat ready" properly if the application to the government office that, it will not be even illegal to the problem. In that case, it is not such entitlements is taking into account the review of the stage to receive the protection.


into But is the total Some women who have a chat ready not make this request in order to receive more protection. You may have some that this illegal welfare of around has become a social problem, I think we are, even if you are in the memory. The life protection, because the amount to be paid in accordance with the relevant person of the income and living conditions have been determined, of course is illegal is because receive protection with in illegal form, will be caught if discovered.


some cases, simply not only be caught, because it is possible that or is in the story, such as the mass media as a kind of "lesson", must not be absolute.


▼ of that release has been going is ideal


life protection from protection, self-reliance to people people is difficult to life is what it is receiving from the country as a support of up to become possible. So, it does not mean "should not be the chat ready to say that because on welfare". Rather, because you always have to begin work as a step toward autonomy, it itself is that should be encouraged.


So, entitlements is gradually reduced, only the income of why there yourself (or spouse) It is ideal as a form is that Ikeru so background checks that can cover. Since this money is not different from the extra income, forget the recognition that "hand in life is money in order to ensure a minimum of life" must not be.
or work that
chat Lady is not the case or Tekishoku means for this particular person, because what that may say social work or not the case will not be determined with certainty. However, to why there social and "work" certification the fact that earn income by activity that is is a clear progress for the protection beneficiaries. Mind then you become weak if


distress, you might be when you would want to do so. But, life protection of money again because you do not have in the person's money, there would not had a defect so that we protect the neat line.