Of the work content of the chat Lady and telephone ready difference

If you say a word, how to talk to men of the guest is the difference between the two. Chat Lady chat, that camera and microphone, while the conversation by using the, will be the only voice conversation on a mobile phone in the telephone ready.
decade ago, towards the telephone lady was the mainstream. But, since the things that chat is adapted to penetrate the world, we have the evaluation of chat Lady is raised than the telephone ready. Initially the difference between the hourly wage of the two was no less, now the telephone of the hourly rate is lowered, evaluation of chat Lady has been established. The number of suppliers is also much many people here.


▼ or take the hourly wage, because the people of chat Lady Speaking of whether


either take the anonymity that is not mainstream at present, and those who work here given the various aspects in a comprehensive manner there are many benefits you say. Once upon a time may seem different, now because also reduced people say that you have not a chat, people to remember the sense of resistance and unfamiliar feeling to the chat would also be less. Hourly wage is higher for is, of course, such as the popularity and awareness of men, it is better here in many ways.
, but there is no such a thing Speaking of whether there is any merit to telephone ready. Hourly wage what poor might be, but people here to communicate with men only voice, I do not need to expose the figure to the other party. Because such work is often those who carried out hidden around, here it is anonymity if from the point of view of privacy protection is better.


▼ barrel whether or not to select the risk


So, if there is a disadvantage to chat Lady, you may face of such privacy. Indeed, but it may not be that acquaintance to his guests appeared, was the risk is higher here that somewhere my identity is Roken in You.


is a telephone lady of one, but the minute that anonymity is guaranteed, is the neck that hourly wage is inevitably becomes low. Even if the men who, more from those of the service to show me their is attractive, in the "voice only" and "face and figure and voice", will inevitably attracted to the latter. Human beings because it is a creature that senses a lot of information from the eyes, you because whether it is possible to see a woman in the eye is large.
is more of a chat ready if you choose is safe there is also a popular but, or no confidence in their appearance, you might really there is also need to think to the telephone ready if you want to hide the identity.