Otherwise noted how when you hit the troublesome guests in chat ready work

cabaret, maid cafe, such as a host if the male executives. Whatever the industry, referred to as the hospitality industry, and if it contains some sexual content in the job description, so to speak, inevitable destiny of that troublesome customers, nasty customer. The same is it also with regard
chat ready, the way people relate to such a customer will always concern in part is on to continue for a long time work. More than that is the conversation through
screen, the risk of the hand is relatively low when compared with such as cabaret. There is not become the benefits of chat Lady, but it does not mean there are no customers of such kind to say whether. Customers come to hear the persistently address, customers come talk only thing obscene, guests ... come and request the "take off", but not in adult. Is on the side of the trader and ready because you do not have a right to refuse a man of first registration, it can not avoid involvement with this kind of customer.


▼ opponent likes of you, although the premise


that, "right to refuse the nomination" is also ready "right to refuse unreasonable request" if not there a. You do not have to be told is that you do not want to say, it is not does not matter and I refused to be denied. There is because also Yes determined properly as suppliers of policy, you can do majestically.
However, too much to say things in too direct, it may partner of attitude will be worse. If the unreasonable request all kinds of insult and abuse, can have the know will become shocked. It is natural because you hurt Datte who once cursed loudly.
In short, it is not simply would stand corner if rejected. Such "is useless," "disgusting," "It is impossible" to the opponent in the taboo, it will have to do to change the words.
For example, it's good to the introduction such as "~ I also want to do is I'd mountains meet", that to blame a third party, such as "... if there is a contract of the company." It is also effective to. _x 000D_ time like this, you want to remember as the premise is that "men of the other party has that kind of invitation because there is a favor to women". I mean that I want to meet because I like, and "I am your thing hate" would give the impression that for the kind of opponent, is why it will touch the imperial wrath. Let alone the other party is even more so because you always are paying a lot of money.


There are many also in words, the point is for us to advice staff with experience. You may also wish to learn techniques from such as seniors, reviews and peers. Techniques to attract the man of mind is also important, but since those also important as much as to refuse, I just want to brush your arm.