Job Description ? Jobs of DMM live chat

We introduce an overview of the DMM live chat job application guidelines. First is your job content, but in DMM live chat There are several types. "Acha" of normal adult chat, "If you wait" adult chat women limit of more than 26 years old, has become a Non nude chat without adult "tea (chat chat)".


Thus, since there are several types, for example Adult You can choose a cup of tea if a woman that I do not want, if the age of the women of the increase, is why can also choose if Wait. (Of course, even if the age of the women of the increase, it is possible to choose a cup of tea. If that want only to go to the Web in order to earn a lot, is the story)


and it is eligibility, 18 years of age or older if a woman can be anyone. Of course, high school students is impossible. Then, at home to have a personal computer, it has become a condition that, net corresponds to broadband. It is also a condition that the web camera can be connected. The camera quality is not particularly limited but, of course, towards the high quality of the camera than the low-quality camera, the audience will be easier to month.


for web camera, because there is also a loan from the DMM live chat, it is also possible to make use of it. In addition, it is good even without for a headset microphone, but then you have also written that those who had easily attaches audience, is actually the following. So, people who do not have is, it would be better that had been prepared. Because you can buy less than 1000 yen, it is not a big expense.


you about your salary, the maximum hourly wage 7500 yen even in the case of two-shot chat, in the case of party chat, have a maximum hourly wage becomes infinite. Say whether the maximum hourly rate infinite because what it is that determined by the number of men who live chat at the same time. In fact, many of the chat ready in DMM live chat Not be and earns significantly by to take advantage of this party chat, It's not that hard. In the case of


DMM live chat, because you are also multiple enrolled seniors chat Lady that earns a monthly income more than 3 million, if the monthly income of 1 million yen or so, it seems is possible that go with considerable probability if persevere. To want to earn big woman, DMM live chat will say that quite recommend can.
In addition, you can also chat with commuting. In the case of people that it is difficult to Yari and have a family at home, these systems also let's use.