Steal the Tech of the popular chat ready by pretending to be a customer

If you want to continue earning in earnest as chat Lady, also selling of people are way, that learn the attitude towards your work it is very important. If this is, for example, in the case of the commuter, but there may be opportunities to make friends, be essentially commuter type, in order to protect the privacy, so that it is not necessary to meet is each other There is almost. So, basically, unlike the sex industry, such as cabaret, chat Lady each other and become friends, there is little that the information exchange.


Therefore, to learn the way of are selling woman, pretending to be customers, it is actually try to use the chat Lady of services, the most effective is that. Even if it was possible to be taught directly become friends, it would be best to do this. And to have them explained in the mouth, in the actual myself try to experience it is in the position of the audience, because completely different.


Basically, live chat the side of the man does not show the face. It is often not issued even voice. Chat Lady only an appearance, in a voice out, men are only chat by character, it is often called. So, whether the audience is really men of the, or whether women of the, in fact we are almost that I do not know.


So, even if it receives the live chat service pretending to be male, the other side does not understand at all. (Of course, but talking to a woman you sure you want to chat, perhaps that's it, because the chat ready do not know is that whether you are what kind of customer service for the men, pretending also to men When the person who would be good)


thus receive the customer pretending to be men, but is of course learn the technique, the feeling of the audience will be as can be seen in nature. Maybe, here it is might be more important than technique. In fact customers who paid the money, and receive any services and or become what feelings It is to be seen for the first time doing say. The fact that it is understood that a person's feelings, also be important in any your work, that elaborate these efforts are, will come alive even if in any scene later.


So, if there are willing to work to a certain extent serious, you come to such a study, I would like to recommend.