Not a must Once you have a chat ready to unemployment insurance beneficiaries period?


wrote shaped as for those who unemployment insurance is that unemployment, unemployment insurance is "insurance for people who were unemployed." So, if I got to chat ready money while receiving the insurance money, receipt of insurance is next to "illegal receipt", will be illegal.


However, it is a story if it was not declared. "At one time, but had been unemployed, have got this much of salary and is currently has a chat ready" if properly declaration that, or decrease the insurance money while giving due consideration to the point, depending on the salary unemployment insurance beneficiaries will be a formal procedure because no of. This area can not be generalized because you have correspondence is changed depending also on the individual case.



▼ barrel


but not in the absence of Barre problem, even if is so formal procedures, some women who have received the insurance money while doing "secretly" chat Lady in secret in government offices in practice I heard that. In short, despite the fact that earns in a chat Lady does not report it, it means that receive a lot of insurance money.


because it is work that can be anonymous, do it in good risk it barrel is less likely. But because the law is involved problem, "barrel" is not a problem that I do from the perspective of "Bale no". A chat Lady, while hiding that you are getting the revenue from the chat, it seems to have not received the insurance money. And there is also news that it had been inadvertently caught in that you have described in your blog.


such as this case, we say that it is a typical example that underestimate the unauthorized receipt. The must comply sweet recognition that not even in skilled in the rules and moral law. Unauthorized receipt, of course, is not at the level of the problem okay to accidentally slide the mouth.


Basically, a one-year revenue There is the that there is no declaration need of if not exceed 200,000 yen. But, it has become negotiable if exceeds it. Say 200,000, from the people of the unemployed is not made in its own way of big bucks, but you can earn relatively plain in the chat lady of high income. Once the recession


, I more people to unemployment, might some people want to this kind of thing if bad criticism. In fact, also written articles that said Looking at the net as "all right do it so as not Barre". But, illegal is illegal. More than that is receiving unemployment insurance, if the new source of income could be that it is each time reporting and consultation required will be basic. Even lost their jobs, if not to prevent lost obligations as a member of society, you might lose even trust as a nation.