Chat Lady's the worry about whether the reward is credited from the skilled in the art ...

Remuneration from the office, will be firmly credited. Please at ease about this. If do not do this, the office becomes bad quickly reputation, it will no longer come chat Ready anyone enters in. This is a matter of life and death for the office, is for their own benefit, does not such a thing.


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modern there is a net, because there is also an anonymous bulletin board that has a huge influence, such as a two-channel, such bad rumors will get quickly spread. Of course, after such a bad rumor was standing in, change the company name to erase the image, you may also live chat office, such as to continue the business. However, if such a possibility is a worry, live has a management with the same name many years chat, or even if the name is somewhat changed, and the "old ○○", in front of the live chat, which shows clearly the name It would be all right if. You do not worry Well.
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chat Lady, let alone be firmly credited, you may get the day by the office. Many of the office rather than have to correspond to the pay such a day. Even if that day to pay, rather than get in hand directly, to apply to the system, so automatically there are many patterns that get remit, to the embarrassing thought to apply for a day pay, you do not have that. In addition, in the first place also exists office that the setting is made all day pay from the beginning.


or transfer fee is what happens depends on the company, but if you use the system, such as a day to pay is, it seems sometimes that of chat Lady burden. Of course, the day is also many places that none of chat Lady burden in pay. Finely until there is, because it is not so much written in the job information, such as when to receive the actual interview, I think it is good to get contact in a separate office.


not limited to live chat, concern that "I wonder really decent salary is paid" when for the first time of your work, I think that there certainly. However, because of that business in any industry is what holds in trust, for us firmly paying for in most cases to protect the credit. The not get paid is much when the painful management of the company, but live tea