My number system, there is any effect on the chat Ready?

▼ must be tax in My number?


chatlady_ws14 With the introduction of


My number system, the collection of taxes become quite smoothly than before, it becomes clear. Who have worked how much, how much must pay the tax, is because it easier to understand that, is why the movement of the money becomes more smoothly than before. Speaking of whether


such My number system there is any effect on the chat Lady, located in the change of the tax. When the roughly say will, is why was it difficult to be referred to as "not secretly pay the tax as until now." The


countries, we have not started such measures in order to caught the people who do not tax separately. But, structurally of the system, it is certainly it has become more likely to be detected to be done properly the tax. Basically, It will be deducted if earn more than 200,000 yen also be a sideline, it must be also carried out tax return if earn up to the amount that out of the dependents.


▼ tax and
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Of course, this is a good change Given calmly. For those who had been paid properly tax, in a more smooth tax calculation, it is not made easy to understand. To those who had a chat Lady as a sideline There is also a core business of income, tend to confuse the tax payments, it is not to hard to organize. Because it is why are organized as information that has been integrated by my number, so far cumbersome process of will be somewhat reduced.


▼ In a sense this is the best of the change! ?


In addition, there as a little worried about, or that you have a chat ready in secret around, not the barrel by the introduction of My number system? It is a concern that. In fact, even look at the contents because only tax are described together to not be identified until the work content, it does not have to be seen to be taught a number. Earns


"how much It may be noticed that either, "but is not aware of a place called" What can I earns ". Company name might have been described, but should it not people who can be seen in the first look it's skilled in the chat ready. If you do not want to know, such as the husband or your parents, you will not be noticed if Gomakase very well the difference with the tax.


not only to my number, when a new system is introduced, but I think some people become a little nervous from the worry of to vested rights, seriously compromise so to chat Lady of business As far as this system I think it is not. Properly pay taxes, if as much as possible tax payments if you want to secret is in secret, this should send every day of the street up to.


※ This article also includes such guess is the information at the time November 2015