Job Description ? Jobs Jai Le Roc

We introduce an overview of the recruitment terms and conditions of Jai Le Roc. First of all, Jai Le Roc has become a possible payment of a reward at any time. Therefore, it is possible, as for granted is the fact that every day is payday. Moreover, the upper limit does not have any reward.


For example, in the case of party chat, you will receive 30 yen per minute. This is because the man a per capita amount of money, if the party chat at the same time, for example, eight men, will be 240 yen to the minute feed. That is 2400 yen After the 10-minute conversation. So After a 1 hour conversation, it is about 15,000 yen. In this way, the other normal people of the daily wage or more hourly wage level would earn, you world of.


and, in the case of a two-shot chat has become a from dispensed 75 yen. This is intended to be a chat with men and Futarikiri, it has been directed towards the type of chat Lady that want to make the limited human and dark relationship. And, the fact that dispense 75 yen, 750 yen After the conversation 10 minutes. After the conversation 1 hour, it will be the hourly wage 4500 yen. This will also can be said that quite delicious treatment.


In addition, there is also a thing called two-way chat. This is to send their face using the even side of the male camera. In the case of this, since 120 yen in the minute feed, it will be 7200 yen in terms of hourly wage.


case of this as their Kaowodasu men, to it is often also the appearance there is a certain self-confidence (at least, then you come upon every day of the chat from polished to some extent), or more, further showing the face, for me the conversation with a responsible attitude, you can spend a considerable quality time. Because it is a good treatment of 1 hour 7200 yen in such your job content, will it can be said that very good for work.
and work location, but you can also work to go to work, not at home only. Therefore, even in a woman named home in difficult Yari by There are family , You can work freely. And go to work in such a booth, personal computers and Internet environment, web camera, because it is available all as well, such as a microphone, in order to start your work, you do not have to do anything to prepare. You can easily start empty-handed.


In addition, since in such a booth there are also services such as drinks and food, is overwhelming. Because it is further also provided cosplay, it is also possible that extend more sales by wearing a cosplay. In particular, in the case of a person of chat Lady looking for a commuter, I would like to recommend this kind of chat company.