Job Description ? Jobs of Madame live

We will introduce an overview of Madame live job application guidelines. It is the first reward, but it has become a possible higher hourly wage 4500 yen. This is the industry's highest level of chat Lady, is very tasty treatment. In particular, when it is the service sector of these men's, if the age of the women of the increase, in treatment becomes tend bad, because such a level is being maintained, or will not be very grateful. It is also introduced details of the


reward. First of all, if you have a two-shot chat, you can get a 60 yen per minute. That is, because it is 600 yen in 10 minutes, it will be 3600 yen in the hourly wage. That's it, it is why does not reach the hourly wage 4500 yen, which is written in the above, but a two-shot is not something do is too much chat ready. In the case of chat Lady you want to earn big


, and the most-party chat. This is what the live chat at the same time as the multiple of men. Since This is it if it is possible to increase the audience any person, so it is not Fuyaseru more and more reward.



case of Madame live, reward of party chat has become a 40 yen per minute. So, for example, in the case where the live chat at the same time as the five men, will be dispensed 200 yen. 2000 yen in the 10 minutes that. It will be 12000 yen per hour. It not becomes a factor of 10 compared to the normal of bytes called a high hourly rate at 1200 yen. If because


5 concurrent live chat is a chat there is a profile of about Madam live, it is a common story. And get to the top level of the hottest of chat Lady will earn more. So, earn much this would be all right if I have thought to be obtained is considerable person.


In addition, even without a chat, there is a thing called "except remuneration", reward even only audience is looking through the channel of the chat ready occurs. This is also the reward Setting is the same as the party chat, it has become a dispensed 40 yen. So, too many number of party chat too popular, that further revenue generated from customers who became a standing state,'s the happy reward set.


also, but is about the payment of remuneration, the basic is the monthly payment. However, immediate payment is also possible if the applicant, will be paid the next day and to apply. (However, if both sides of the Saturdays and Sundays, will be on Monday) as the characteristics of


Qualifications, has become a "more than 24 years of age". From this age set, it can be seen that age is asking rather a woman of increase, it'll be that live chat can be peace of mind especially for those women.