To become a chat ready all right even without only have mobile phones and smart phones?

To become a chat ready, okay, even if there is only a mobile phone and smartphones. Because, because there is a mobile professional live chat. In this case, for example, you can also have your work only voice calls. In other words, it is an ordinary phone. - it works only by the conversation partner of the phone. It also can earn in the hourly wage 3,000 yen level.




For example, in this case, adult conversation if refused and NG, when seeing from near, will be a normal conversation with each other completely lover. So I do not choose exactly the place to work. For example, Toka favorite cafe Toka family restaurant, and the like while shopping in a department store, it can be also be your job to the call.


of course, also chat in the TV phone not only such voice call, such mobile live chat is available. Rather, the main is there. In this case, it may be difficult in the mobile phone. It will still be required smartphone. It is good if there is a thing called smartphone average of the high-spec also a mobile phone, but to probably not, if I think of a full-fledged your work in a live chat mobile, you should also switch to a smart phone.


your salary is good is better videophone than voice calls. So, if you want to earn big, it would be better to use towards the chat of TV phone. However, such as those of the chat ready I do not want a high enough salary of For example, since an appearance in voice calls, you may want to use this.


Further, in the case of live chat mobile, glad function is that it can earn even only receiving mail. Remuneration, such as 20 yen to the time it receives one copy of the e-mail is generated from the men. In other words, if a plurality of securing a man who a lot send an e-mail, is not made in pocket money I just it. Once


for example 1 day 5 emails sent by us men have, will it just month 3000 yen reward. Such a man when I had 10 people, is the additional income of only in the month 30,000 yen it. It does not use the most time, such as the reply of e-mail, since it anywhere, anytime to chat and call more than, in the good additional income obtained such a simple style, it might be delicious story much too delicious.
_x000 Such as when you are a tea D_ together, for example, with friends, in such clearance time that a friend is standing a seat, you can be a quick e-mail reply. When you enter a restaurant alone, such as the time you are waiting for the food to come out, it will be able to also take advantage of any gap time.