That there is likely to regret starting to chat ready work

to the melon is more than is "their own charm", in order to chat ready is what sticks it unique trouble. Or picked up the private life a little-selling weekly magazine immediately in idle. Since chat Lady is a low-profile compared to it, but never the experience of up to there, therewith to experience something similar, is also reality are you will regret that began women.
common is given, it had been adult useful work despite the registered Non nude, thing that. In short, is the trouble that occurs in order to male side of the guest Anti manners that there are many people, but or is just obscene questions or conversation or be required to "take off" in spite of the Non nude, got'm down to mental also we have many people that was.
In addition, there regardless of whether the adult is a man who comes to request the "encounter" of the ready. Contact is, of course, because malicious customers personal information and said address and real name come relentlessly heard is present unfortunately. You can avoid them by choosing carefully skilled in the art that, in reality, because "people always are anywhere in the site" would be reality. In addition, "such request is all right if refuse" even under the guidance say, is whether it is it in the actual customer a different problem. We have some people not good to be rejected in the women, would in some cases would break if forced strongly to such men. It is this work a certain amount of skill is required to looks and narrative, but is also a work strength of this kind of personality a core is required. The hard


▼ anything it is not necessary to answer honestly


of this hand problem, and results in too refused, would give the impression that "boring woman," "bad guy of the glue" to men, conversation is that there is no longer followed. Because if turn off the call hourly wage will no longer occur, are areas of concern for a beginner. Sharp men there to And Tsukei' skillfully, it has been over the unreasonable request. Once you become so, hours of work will become painful. Once known the personal information, it's even potential to develop into a large problem sorry at the level of "regret". That of course put the courage of just refuse to learn, giving false information or ambiguous information, is important as also technology of Inasu that kind of customer very well. Situ once housed round in it, at a later date such as consultation to those skilled in the employees, you need to hear the wit. Since there is no rule that "must be told the truth honestly" in the chat ready, there'll try to respond flexibly.