Rookie chat ready period a chance to the exposure of a live chat increases

When you start a new chat ready, might be out of the newcomer is likely that it would be not stick work, there is nothing worry about this point. You can get also firmly work in the rookie's.




One of the reasons, there is a thing called newcomer period. Campaign of such a limited time, many of the office has conducted. Newcomer's first for a certain period of time, such an introduction, will be at the top screen of the live chat. Therefore, it will stop most of the eyes of men to access the live chat. So, do let us talk to once a trial, and I think men us with large quantities access.


here, if a also hard hospitality somewhat unfamiliar, most of the men us with favor. Once Could have a favor, such a man as a fixed customer, it is possible to continue to success in the future. Of course, even as had been that once or twice, you do not have to worry. Since


coming anyway entered our work more and more from the beginning, it is that do not bother even to your work itself, is blessed with a chance to put the skills. Again anything not limited to chat ready, because that's often attached to the body by being rubbed to work in the field ability, using these campaign aggressively, it would be good to step up.


Some of the men are a lot better that "I prefer's newcomer". It means that seeking Uiuishi of amateur unique. This is not a maniac taste, so pretty major preference, you may also be referred to as reverse to easily attaches audience is more of rookie period (although it depends also on the person's character).


So, would get the audience in newcomer, in the useless of concern because, it would be better had you ready to come is pounding work from the beginning to rather rookie. Of course, your task of chat Lady, because you If you work by the amount that he or she wants to work, you do not need to push yourself.


because prepared to say here, it is ready for that would earn more than that I think,. Suddenly so Not puzzled for what the world say is open, it is that I would like to expect that.


In addition, in often the form of a pick-up girl in live chat even finished introduction period as a rookie, it introduced me to a random recommendations of the chat ready. Such events also Try to earn to good use.